Doc Apocryphy

A Middle-East gent with an historical bent. Doc Apocryphy lives and works at the Corkscrew Asylum for the Criminally Insane (incorporating Sister Ignatious’ Reform School for Recalcitrant Girls). He knows every dank brick of the place and is gatekeeper to it’s many dark secrets.

He boasts of being a pal of John the Baptist and having seen Jesus crucified, but the math doesn’t add up on that one. He’d be happy to talk the leg off a chair about the good ol’ days in Palestine. The fun times of the Crusades. The hilarity of the trenches at the Somme.

How he came to Corkscrew and what the truth behind his life really is, we may never know. We’ll just have to… trust him.

Now, bend over and say: “Aaaah.”