Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood is an Australian award winning illustrator and designer who has worked in the fields of advertising, comics, computer games, book covers, trading cards and action figures since the early 1990s. He started his career with stories in Australian publications (Alarum, Cyclone Comics Quarterly) followed shortly thereafter with stories published in 2000AD’s Judge Dredd Megazine, Image (Hellspawn, Sam and Twitch), Marvel (Ghost Rider 2099, X-Men), DC’s Wildstorm (Automatic Kafka), IDW (Metal Gear Solid, Popbot, Lore, World War Robot etc.) and worked with a variety of other publishers. He is also a Spectrum and Communication Arts Award winner and Eisner Award nominee.

In recent years, Ashley has joined forces with well-known Hong Kong-based toy maker Kim Fung to form ThreeA Toys which has become a highly successful and innovative creator of a range of detailed action figures and other products. ThreeA recently acquired the licence to produce 2000AD toys and are involved with other yet-to-be-announced projects.

A number of Ashley’s creator owned properties have been optioned by movie studios including World War Robot (Disney, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing), Lore (Screen Gems) and Popbot (Resolution Independent). Ashley has also been invited to exhibit his works at galleries around the globe including Beijing (2010) and New York (2012).

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