Gary Chaloner

Gary Chaloner created Morton Stone and Cryptoe in 1992 for the first issue of Cyclone Comics Quarterly. He wrote the initial Undertaker stories and passed the artwork over to Ashley Wood, who was just about to explode on to the world comics scene. Morton Stone debuted in the US two years later, headlining in 1994’s Dark Horse Down Under, which Gary also edited. [READ MORE…]

Ashley Wood

The first artist to work on Undie and the one all others have followed in terms of style and tone. When Ash and Gary bummed around Perth together back in the early 90s, they created a shitload of stuff and inspired each other to do some crazy comics. [READ MORE…]

Ben Templesmith

Gary and Ben met at a comic art exhibition featuring Gary’s work in Perth in the ’90s. Ben had been hugely influenced by the Undertaker stories produced by Gary and Ash, so he readily agreed to draw up some stories. Over the years since then, Ben has developed a very distinctive artistic style of his own. [READ MORE…]

Justin Randall

Justin Randall is a Digital Illustration lecturer for Curtin University in Western Australia and an internationally published graphic novelist and commercial artist. Gary met Justin at several Gestalt Comics book launches and of course, the subject came around to dear ol’ Morty Stone. [READ MORE…]

Jason Goungor

Jason Goungor is a Perth-based graphic novelist and illustrator who has come on board the Undertaker project to work alongside writer/penciller, Gary Chaloner, finishing off Gary’s pages in swathes and splatters of black and white ink. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of mediums such as sculpture and video game production art, Jason favours diverse artists in his own field – from the veteran of illustration Yoji Shinkawa to Morton’s Stone’s inaugural artist, Ashley Wood.